Book Review : Affiliate Program Management An Hour A Day by Geno Prussakov

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I’ve never reviewed an affiliate marketing book before, so when Geno Prussakov offered to send me a free copy just a few hours after having buttered me up immensely, I was putty in his literary hands.

I must confess I’ve never read an affiliate marketing book before at all, but as a former affiliate manager I was really interested in what Geno had to say about doing it “the right way” and whether or not it was going to be as dry as a box of crackers without a glass of water!

Affiliate Management Brain Fodder

To my surprise, when I started reading this book after work one evening I couldn’t put the darned thing down and burned my way through 200 pages before bedtime!

It’s so well written and is absolutely jam packed with useful facts and figures to back up the “why” of all the great information on “how” a programme should be effectively managed. The process was broken down into tasks which I thought was a great approach for what can seem like a very complex and involved job. One of the most striking things for me was how Geno had managed to keep the language simple and the tone personal and warm. There was a lot there that really cued you to think about how you personally would fit into and take on the role of affiliate manager.

It was brilliant affiliate brain fodder for anyone in affiliate management – and not just beginners. The volume of information is such that I’d be very surprised if managers of every level didn’t get at least something out of it to add to their knowledge base.

Buy This Book If You…

  • Want or are considering whether to start an affiliate programme but don’t know how to do it or what skills in house staff would need to do it.
  • Are looking to move into a career in affiliate management. In fact if you have an interview for your first ever AM job you should absolutely read this book first – it’ll save your life at the interview!
  • Are an existing affiliate manager. No Matter how good you think you are you’ll learn something from this master of the world of affiliate management. Even I learned a few things and as we all know I’m absolutely perfect and was the best affiliate manager ever 😉
  • Are looking at hiring an outsourced affiliate management company and want to know if they’re any good!
  • Run an affiliate network and want something to give or recommend to new merchants.

In Conclusion

Affiliate Management Gold – It’s £19.99 (£11.99 at Amazon) bloody well spent!

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3 Responses to “Book Review : Affiliate Program Management An Hour A Day by Geno Prussakov”

  1. Jason Says:

    Glad to see it in Kindle store, have ordered the sample will check it out. From your description, and the reputation of Geno, I think this should be required reading for anyone entering the affiliate management arena.

    Is there a chapter on getting merchant’s onto ECU?

  2. Kirsty Says:

    Hahaha, there’s no chapter on actually persuading merchants of the benefits of ECU Jason but it does get a mention!

  3. Geno Prussakov Says:

    Kirsty, thank you for this review. As mentioned elsewhere, these words mean a lot to me; but especially when coming from you.

    Jason, how could I not mention ECU? Of course, you’re in the book!

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