Affiliate Marketing & Motherhood – The Ideal Combination? Well, Sorta!!

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Hello! What do you mean who are you? It’s me!! The former travelling affiliate lady, the one who used to make you green with envy with exotic travel photography and general tales of living the affiliate dream.


Just because I know you’ve missed them, here is a picture of what I used to do: –

And here is a picture of what I do now :-

*Cough* The one thing I am rapidly discovering is that there is no level of dickheadery you will not indulge in just to get a smile out of your child. What can I do? Path of least resistance seems the way forward!

Speaking Of The Path of Least Resistance….

On a more serious note, affiliate marketing is often spoken about as the perfect way of making money for the stay at home mum. Except not that many women that I am aware of are actually doing it. So is it the perfect fit? A Mummy job made in heaven?

Well… sort of. I already had an established business before I had my mini affiliate – meaning I could stop work when I felt I just couldn’t do it any more and have cruised along during the last 6 months only working when I truly felt like it and still made the normal income I’d expect. This is in stark contrast to the many mums I meet who are having to do things like sell cars and budget hard to stay at home with the kidlets. I am more than aware I am truly blessed and lucky to be able to do the mummy thing with no money worries. I realise that I am doubly lucky in this regard because I know a lot of affiliates haven’t come out of Google’s changes of the last 18 months terribly well.

Work & New Mummys Really Don’t Mix…

BUT, and it’s a big but – oh my lord what a struggle it’s been to motivate myself to do even the small amount of work I got done since the baby arrived. It’s only in the last 6 weeks or so I’ve really started to get my enthusiasm back and start to work consistently. At the minute this involves about 16 hours a week spread out over 7 days.

I really was shitting myself for a while there as I had absolutely no interest in working. I think that was mostly to do with exhaustion. AM is a very, very creative job (for me at least) which requires a fair bit of mental effort – and I just didn’t have it in me early doors. Massive kudos to any ladies reading this who have gone back to work after a few weeks at home with baby – you are nothing short of amazing.

The only reason I’ve gotten anything done at all is that I am utterly blessed to have the amazing Duncs at home with me. He hasn’t worked at all this year either and is looking after Eilidh whilst I take priority on getting my affiliate groove back on.

Do I think AM is something a mum with kids at home could do? Well yes. But easily? Not really! And if she started AM anew during her maternity leave? Not impossible but oh man it takes getting your teeth into an already steep learning curve from hard walking to hardcore mountaineering.

The New Routine

I’ve always been all about highly structured working days to make sure I’m efficient. However with a baby planning goes out of the window, and when I was chatting to my GP about what I do for a living and how, and I mentioned this method – she sort of winced and told me that it’d be an awfully misguided idea to set myself rigid routines and in particular to have the completion of said routines as a hallmark of success.

With all the tiredness and post pregnancy hormones I was assured that down that path the thorny road to Post Natal Depression awaits. Yes, being a control freak in charge of a small child is unwise in the extreme!! Now I’m in the midst of trying to work and baby wrangle I can totally see what she means. Trying to use that method now would be impossible and I’m awfully glad I am lucky enough to have a GP who took an interest in my wellbeing before I got myself into strife. I’ve always given myself a hard time about my work and the standards I carry it out to – and I think I have that in common with many affiliates. There was always going to be an element of conflict with the two roles and working out how they should marry together. I absolutely thought I could go back to work when Eilidh was 2 months old – I was barely capable of sitting upright at that point!

I’m Going To Call It “Chaotic Creativity”

Sit down and do whatever pops into my head, for as long as I have energy to do so. I try to take my own advice from wayback – try to do one thing each day that has the potential to make money and get it up there and running.

This mostly takes the form of PPC. In a post Penguin and Panda world I simply lack the brain capacity (and my technical chap in the form of Duncan) to work on my sites at the moment. I do have a plan, but executing it will take consistency. Consistency is not currently my friend. Thank goodness for my old school PPC skills which have made up the rather inconvenient loss of income that Google doled out to us affiliate types!

And What Next?

Well, I’m about to put in a new kitchen and bathroom here at the house. After that, we are going to get Duncs back to work a couple days a week whilst I’m doing Mummy stuff. Hopefully we can build a semi-routine from there.

For me AM and motherhood mix well on the whole but I’ve not really had an easy time making the two work together and I’ve definitely not succeeded to a degree where I’m happy. That said, once again the job I love has helped me to live the dream. A very different dream to before but one that’s just as exciting (and with much less sleep!).

I’m also thinking of doing a mummy blog (still!). I’d like to write more about all my other creative stuff like cooking, gardening, and a new one – sewing baby things. I have a domain, I’ll get there in the end. That’s my new work mantra.

I’ll Get There In The End

…meanwhile I’ll keep putting the most important thing in my life first…

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9 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing & Motherhood – The Ideal Combination? Well, Sorta!!”

  1. lrobbo Says:

    Good to see you back posting and know you’re still doing well in AM. Panda and penguin have opened up the serps big time, plenty of cash to be made!

  2. Kirsty Says:

    Hahaha, yes for those that know how (and I’m not saying I’m one of those for sure). A lot of affiliates are jumping ship and opting for a new career in ecommerce. Sign of the times methinks!

  3. Peggy Says:

    I am glad you are back Kirsty.

  4. Jill Says:

    Hey Kirsty! Lovely to hear from you and that you are still doing ok in AM! Sadly I’m not doing so well. Never a big affiliate due to my personal situation, but used to tick along nicely. This month however, well… :( I can understand many affiliates jacking it in.

  5. Kirsty Says:

    Thanks Peggy – hoping not to have *quite* so long between posts in future!

    Jill – sorry to hear you’re not doing so well :( I know lots of affiliates have gotten disaffected and I don’t blame them one little bit. I know I’m very lucky but once this baby gig calms down I too will have to look at other ways to make a bob or two in other ways. Eggs and baskets!

  6. Amity Says:

    I am so pleased to have stumbled across your site. I am just thinking of getting started with a blog.
    I am also a stay at home mum. Arthur is now 19 months old and goes to creche in the mornings. I write blogs for other people but I’d like to start on my own: a blog for work from home mums :)
    I’m hearing alot about affiliate marketing but not too sure where to get started, which kind of blog site to use. If you have any suggested reads, I would be extremely grateful.
    Really enjoyed reading your blog :)

  7. Nadeem | Azam Marketing Says:

    Just read this. Pleased to hear you’re all doing well. Your baby is gorgeous.

    Although you don’t have the time to write as much as you used to, Kirsty, you’re still the best blogger in affiliate marketing!

  8. Tony Bennett Says:

    Hi Kirsty, How’s things?
    Looking forward to your next update.

  9. Richard Says:

    Welcome back Kirsty! Great to be reading your blog again. Looking forwards to seeing what you come up with next :)

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