Getting That Affiliate Monkey Off My Back!!

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After no less than 20 days on holiday I’m finally at the point where I can just about relax and enjoy myself! Like many addictions the withdrawal from my usual working routine has been somewhat painful.

The Sky is Falling In!!!!

At least that’s how it felt for the first few days.  Several times a day I got the “affiliate horrors” because I wasn’t working (and after all, doesn’t that mean everything will go wrong???!) and I kept on getting my knickers in a right old twist over whether I was doing everything I should to keep my beloved business running smoothly.

However, like Chicken Licken my anxieties were ill placed. It transpires that to ensure my own personal sky remains roughly in the right place I don’t actually have to be permanently glued to my office chair.

As Important As It Is To Have Your Finger On The Pulse…

It’s also important to find some large chunks of time to exorcise the ever present spectre of affiliate marketing from your mind. Even when on holiday us affiliates are not great at stepping back mentally from their job. I think a large part of the reason for my semi regular pangs of panic has been that conflict between the part of me that is knackered after 8 months of work with very little break and the other part that is completely addicted to affiliate marketing.

Performance athletes couldn’t eat, sleep, and breathe their occupation 24/7 without burning out completely.They pause for significant rest periods to ensure they are fighting fit to give their absolute best when it really counts. Of course, Tom Daley doesn’t book himself a relaxing fortnight in the sun only to turn around on the beach and see an Olympic sized diving pool has sneaked up on him unexpectedly. For an affiliate the mere sight of an internet cafe can be enough to send them dashing from the beach back into the warm and welcoming arms of a good old internet sesh.

And The Final Fatal Flaw In My Relaxation Plan?

So here I am droning on about the importance of giving your mind a break and where am I? That’s right, in my office writing on this blog. A few major pangs of panic have been over the fact I’m not updating on here as much as usual. The signs of true affiliate addiction methinks 😉

The solution?  It’s clear I need to give myself permission to take a break. So dear readers, Kirsty will be attending “Real World Rehab” until the A4U Expo commences on 12th of October.

I’ll talk to you guys then.

Kirsty Out :)

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  1. Joe Says:

    I know the feeling! Time spent not working is time not making money. Or that’s what it feels like.

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