Halfway Through 2009… So How’s It All Going?

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Well actually, we’re more than half way through 2009 but I didn’t start work properly until almost the end of January because I was in NZ so it’s only now I’ve really done 6 months hard work!  The year so far has been tough to say the least.  I’ve put in shedloads of work and I’m still not any further forward than I was this time last year so I’m feeling a bit demotivated.

Of course, what I forget is that this time last year the recession wasn’t biting and I was selling circa £45k per month of stock for a large merchant of mine, Figleaves.  Which err… I’m definately not any more!  It’s part of my personality to be a bit too demanding of myself meaning that instead of celebrating the fact I was able to replace that income, I’m punishing myself for not doing better (and you all wonder why I like a glass or ten of vino!!).

So In An Attempt To Get My Head Straight…

I’ve decided to check out my progress with the affiliate new years resolutions I made in early January.  Lets hope this exercise doesn’t backfire cos I didn’t read them before I started this post!

  • I will focus my marketing activities with networks who have taken the time to know who I am. Yep, I have done this and continue to do so.  In fact, all of my new revenue streams in 2009 have been with “friendly networks”.
  • I will use my time more effectively– I’ve definately achieved this.  My new working system means procrastination has not been a big feature in my working day this year.  It’s still going strong and has meant a LOT of progress in my organic traffic endeavours.
  • I will get better at not working on my days off. I have also done this, still not perfect but lots of progress.
  • I will focus my activities in areas I know I can make money. Check.  It’s been going really well too, particularly my mens underwear offering which has turned into a nice earner with plenty of scope for improvement!
  • I will get better at asking for enhanced commission rates. Yep, I’ve done this a couple of times with good results… but should still bear it in mind a bit more!
  • I will outsource some activities rather than trying to do everything myself. Yes, although to my shame the link building activity I mentioned previously is only just getting started!  I have also taken someone on to do a bit of content here and there for me.  This has been particularly good recently when I’ve not been too well, takes pressure off.
  • I will take my own advice and start some mini sites about new areas that interest me.
    Only one…. and solar panels site didn’t get far. It gets good traffic but not many conversions.  Conclusion: interest is all very good but profit is also interesting!!
  • I will venture into new countries to make me less vunerable to changes in the exchange rate. Fail.  Still not done anything more on this beyond fiddling with an existing Aussie site.  I bought MaleFashion.com.au recently so will be doing something with that. Eventually!
  • I’ll try and encourage Duncan to feel the same passion I do for affiliate marketing I’m trying, but alas my dear hubby just isn’t quite there yet :( He is keen to try to get more involved in the business though, so we will try a new angle just as soon as I’ve worked out what it is.

Personal Resolutions

  • Finally learn to cook something beyond my one-pot specials from my student days. To My Surprise – success!!  Cakes and ummm… things in one pot.  But they’re new and more complicated things!
  • Introduce myself to all of my new neighbours.  Then invite them over for a drink! Fail.  I eventually resorted to leaping out on one of my neighbours after I detected him doing maintenance to the boundaries between our properties a few days ago and then making him think HE had to invite ME for a drink.  hah!!
  • Employ a gardener so Duncan doesn’t spend every weekend mowing and weeding. Much to my own (and my mum’s) surprise the new gardener is… me!
  • Get better at sending birthday cards to my friends children. Check.
  • Offset the carbon from all the flying I do. Hmmm…. well I got a compost bin?
  • Compost things rather than sending them to the landfill. See above!
  • Plant a vegetable garden. It died :(
  • Not shoot the local Bush Turkeys when they dig the above up. It died because they dug it up :(
  • Be less afraid of spiders. Success!  Aversion therapy is the key I now realise. Not difficult in these parts.
  • Get better at saying “NO” to people.  Even if it upsets them a bit. (If you see me in 2009 and you think I’m smiling too much, ask me the reason for this one. I can guarantee you’ll soon be telling me to “turn that frown upside down” or, in extreme cases, passing me a box of tissues.) Progress, but I’m still too nice.
  • Buy myself a new car.  It won’t be a BMW or a Porsche so don’t expect a “look at my new bling” post.  I don’t drive enough to justify a “super affiliate car”! Yes, it’s white, its big, and its a V6 (thanks to fellow affiliates Rich & Sue for selling me their beloved Pathfinder!)
  • Take some time out every week to do a bit of art and craft. Fail.  I garden lots though and am making a new fern and succulents garden outside the office window.
  • Count to ten more often ;) To Duncan’s relief, success!
  • Eventually get around to changing my name to “Mrs McKenzie” on bank accounts and similar. Partial success, because Duncan marched me round to the bank with marriage certificate, lol.
  • Pay off 20% of my mortgage. Pfft!  Once the pound rebounds I’ll give that one a shot.

Anyone else make resolutions?  How are they going?  I’m actually quite pleased with my progress.  I’m not perfect but my strike rate is pleasingly low and this post has put my aims back into my mind again.

Onwards and upwards (but I’m still annoyed I’ve not improved on last years profit!).

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5 Responses to “Halfway Through 2009… So How’s It All Going?”

  1. Elaine Says:

    you sure you’re not my younger antipodean doppelganger?

  2. Kirsty Says:

    LOL! Fingers crossed Elaine, you’re a great inspiration to me!

  3. Alison Moore Smith Says:

    I have lots of professional goals and business goals, but not any specific to affiliate marketing. You’ve inspired me, however, with your ambition. Will get on it!

  4. Alison Moore Smith Says:

    BTW, you said we’re more than halfway through 2009? I thought the halfway point was July 1 (if by month) or July 2-3 (if by days). :)

  5. Kirsty Says:

    Yeah, I know. Apparently my mind is a bit further ahead than the calendar!

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