Want To Be a Travelling Affiliate? The Lazy Geek Shows You How!

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So you want to be an exotic travelling affiliate but don’t know how you could take your office on the road with you?  worry no more, for the Lazy Geek has posted up a great guide to how he organises his mobile office when he’s out on the road.

Lazy Geek Mobile Office

I have to say, his is a lot tidyer than my travelling office.  I don’t think I could have found a spot to stand upright in my camper van and take a picture of my shabby laptop, loads of paper, pens, and the ever-present calculator!

More here on this great insight into all the gear you need to get you on the road!


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2 Responses to “Want To Be a Travelling Affiliate? The Lazy Geek Shows You How!”

  1. David Says:

    There is a lot of great advice from the Lazy Geek for when I do start traveling with my business.

  2. andrej Says:

    Nice tip, I also love the idea of being wireless with my laptop and working online anywhere and travelling…

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