A Long Overdue Update…

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Oops, well you will see from the tumbleweed and other signs of decay and abandonment that I’ve not been around these parts much in recent months.

Try not to take it personally, to be honest I’ve not been doing much in the world of affiliate marketing at all since the start of October last year. First of all we had my parents visiting with us for a month, followed by Duncan’s folks for another month. It was around that point that I realised that I was heavily pregnant and exhausted and resumed working, but only for about 2 hours each day. By the end of December my definition of exhaustion had been upgraded and I ended up spending the rest of my pregnancy in my bedroom watching TV and playing on Facebook from a reclining position!

So On Feb 4th I….

Had A Beautiful Baby Girl!!!!!!!!

In typical me style the birth was very dramatic complete with Hollywood style sudden water breakage followed by tyre squealing trip to the hospital. Duncan has now passed his advanced driving test which much to his surprise involves very fast motorway driving combined with someone trying to break all the bones in your left hand. His emergency park / car abandonment in the hospital ambulance bay completed his exam which he passed with flying colours.

And here is my little affiliate drama queen, Eilidh Eve McKenzie

That’s her meeting her Grannie for the first time, and as you can see she was a teeny bit poorly when she was born and also very petite. She was a whopping 5.5lbs and to give you a scale – that’s a facecloth draped over her.

After a very short stay in special care she was A-OK and is now thriving away nicely. Since then it’s been no sleep and nappies all the way with not a space in my mind for any affiliate marketing beyond that essential hour every day to make sure nothing has collapsed in a burning pile of cinders!

What Next?

Well, it’s almost time for me to start work again. Not full time of course, but at least a couple of hours each day somewhere in between the various fine arts of parenting.

Long term readers of this blog will know that I’ve always extolled the virtues of a highly structured working day / week to ensure maximum productivity. Clearly that system is now about as much use as me planning to sleep 10 hours each night – it’s not up to me any more! I’m in for an interesting time considering how I’m used to working and judging when it’s OK for me to stop working. The pull of chronic workaholism combined with the demands of a fast growing mini affiliate might just clash a teeny bit 😉

Thanks To Google…

I’ve got some serious ground to make up too… like many affiliates Google Panda has had an unpleasant effect, but I’m fortunate enough in that I’m still motoring along nicely revenue wise thanks to a wide spread of traffic sources and some well placed gap plugging.

I have many plans for moving forward with my current sites and some new projects. My various experiments with Google organic search have given me a path forward from here. As far as timing goes it’s needless to say that Google sucks for perpetrating this just when I had a child. To see 3 years hard work flushed down the internet lavvy is distressing to say the least – but that is Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell. You never know what might happen and have to be prepared to reinvent yourself constantly. So that’s what I’ll do.

Reinventing The Affiliate Wheel

The way forward? Some mini sites, a bit of work tarting up and replicating the structure of sites that didn’t get affected combined with the tapping of some revenue / traffic streams I’ve known about for a while but haven’t had time to exploit.

I hope to have time to talk about them all on here with you guys, but with a baby around the house and my new freeform “who knows?” work methodology the updates are likely to be irregular. It’s often been said that affiliate marketing is the ideal job for a stay at home mother. Is it? Well… I’ll let you know.

It’s been pretty good so far. Despite Google Panda it’s looked after me since last October without a huge amount of input. That bit works well. The bit where I actually have to do something? That’s for me to find out very soon 😉

See y’all around!

What’s that? Another baby picture?? Glad to comply… here’s one from the last couple of days. Hasn’t she grown?

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13 Responses to “A Long Overdue Update…”

  1. Hadi Says:

    Congratulations Kirsty – Eilidh looks really cute.

    How do you pronounce Eilidh? I assume it’s like Ellie?

    … oh and welcome back!

  2. Kirsty Says:

    Ahh, good question! A bit like Ellie – it’s pronounced “Ay-Lee”

  3. David Fiske Says:

    Great to hear you’re okay and baby Eilidh is too.

    It’ll be interesting to see how you manage to balance parenting and AM. Theory says it should fit hand-in-hand but practise may well say otherwise 😛

    Looking forward to your new baby themed websites 😉

  4. Christoph Says:

    Congratulations, Kirsty. She looks so cute. My son was born 4 weeks early and he was just 4 lbs when he was born. It’s a scary moment when you have to spend time in the NICU. We were able to take him home after 4 days.

    I think it was easier to work on all my websites the first 6-9 months and then more difficult afterwards. The more active the little ones get …

  5. Kirsty Says:

    David – yes it sure will. I’m considering becoming a Mummy blogger. It’ll save me boring all you guys on here with my latest poo-splosion story 😉

    Thanks Christoph, no it’s not nice when they take your baby away to special care. Fortunately our little one was also home in 4 days. I think it’s going to be very interesting working with a crawler on our hands – some inventiveness may be required!

  6. Tony Bennett Says:

    Congratulations to all of the McKenzie family on the new addition.
    Glad to hear from you Kirsty, I was wondering where you had gone just the other day.
    Mini Sites eh? If you get the chance I would love to read how you cntinually come up with new web site themes/looks.
    Do you have a load of templates or do you outsource to a designer every time?
    Tony (thearmchairdetective)

  7. Andy M Says:

    Congrats Kirst and Duncan!

    Been an avid follower of the blog for years and was really missing your little gems of advice!
    A new baby kinda puts Google update in perspective though, and makes you realise whats really important. Has anyone bought a nice cuddly Panda for Eilidh yet?!

  8. Simon Says:

    Congratz for your girl ! She looks beautiful :)

  9. Angie Says:

    Welcome back and congrats! Eilidh is beautiful. We recently had a granddaughter and have another due next week. Busy time for babies!

    It’s funny you say that about becoming a mummy blogger, I was thinking my stepdaughter (who just had the baby) and I would do a mom/grandma blog of some sort. She could have all the moola to put towards baby. That would be fun.

    Looking forward to updates!

  10. Kirsty Says:

    Tony – we usually customise our own templates but try to use a different one for each site to stop things looking content farmish to Google.

    Angie – I think a grandma blog would be amazing. After all there are loads of grandmothers out there looking for ideas to entertain their grandkiddies or deal with issues affecting their families. I actually bought my Mum a good grandmother guide for mothers day this year and she absolutely loved all the ideas and info in the book.

    Give me a shout if you do it, I’ll link to it from my blogroll here 😉

  11. Tony Bennett Says:

    Thanks for the reply Kirsty.
    Maybe you might consider doing a blogpost sometime on what templates you use, where you got them from etc etc ect. Pretty please :-)

  12. Anastasia Says:

    Congratulations tom you and Duncan! wishing to all three of you to sleep well:)

  13. Tye Says:

    Congrats Kirsty :)

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