My Life As An Affiliate

Lighting a Candle in the Darkness

There’s no better way to restart a long neglected blog than with an old proverb. So there it is. I’m lighting a candle against my own darkness, or rather my silence!

How Affiliate Stuff Got… Stuffed

The blog fell victim to a house move about 18 months ago. The day we moved to our long awaited purchase and about three minutes before my internet was due to be switched off, my hosting provider told me the site had been compromised and that I needed to do something or my whole account would be suspended. I told them to delete it. I just had time to rescue my post database before getting my move on. Subsequently we not only had to get a very run down house fit for habitation, but my kids had the worst run of sickness EVER. My eldest had no less than 40 days off school in her first year of Primary. Gastro, colds, fevers, and my absolute personal favourite – Chicken Pox followed right up by Scarlett Fever. Mmmmm… Victorian themed illnesses.

Fighting Back Against Isolation & Demotivation

Although the affiliate business is going *great* in the sense that I’m earning more than I ever did in the “good old days” (more on that in future installments), I have been struggling with isolation and demotivation. The move from Australia has been really tough. I loved it there, and it was a total wrench to leave. I had beautiful friends. A great lifestyle. Here… I’ve been struggling to feel at home and haven’t really felt the “blog vibe” as a result.

Sometimes a Positive Grows From a Negative

BUT. Recently I’ve been looking at results that have been more than I could EVER have dreamed of. At the same time I’ve just had a few years where there’s been a void where my usual effervescent enthusiasm should be. So how the hell have I seen a business shoot through the roof when I’ve had a terrible dose of demotivation and unproductivity?

Doing What is Easy

Hah! Look at me! I’m a lazy business genius. I could hardly drag myself out of bed in the mornings, I sat at my desk contemplating my navel and knew I needed to do something. But what? I did what I could do without thinking about it. All the millions of ideas that affiliate marketing can sprout in an enthusiastic mind… were all gone. I just concentrated on my unimaginative instincts. The results have been WOAH. This is something that John Lamerton talks about in his book Ambitious Lifestyle Business – concentrate on your key strengths for greater success. I recommend you read his words if you’re interested in Affiliate Marketing, or any form of self employment cos he’s built a very successful life and business from his affiliate roots. I do suspect he didn’t *really* mean you should do it because you’re too fed up to do much else. Nevertheless though, he’s right.

I’ve Not Really Been Sure What I Had to Say!

I’ve been feeling cut off from Affiliate Marketing. I don’t have that connection with like minded people any longer. When you don’t have that discourse with like minded people, and you’ve pared back your areas of operation to the bare bones… it’s difficult to come up with inspirational and useful content for a blog. That’s not to say I haven’t had ideas at times though, I have thought about writing again just about every day. Often I’d be mentally composing a post and having that “conversation” with my blog readers without being able to actually sit down and write it. Fortunately, I have written what I thought were good ideas down as I went. Lets see what I think when I read them again, hey?

An End To Feeling Helpless

Recently (as in the last year) I’ve started to spread out the old wings again. I took on a developer to do some interesting things with an API for me, then I had to do that again when the first developer got fed up of me. Well, either that or he changed jobs. You decide. I still can’t 😉

Collaborating with someone has kick started my brain again. Having to implement some new tracking, solve problems with landing page performance, look at user experience, and guide someone through the requirements has woken me up a bit. One of the issues with sitting in a room working on your own is that there’s nobody there to prompt you on to new things. My decision to outsource was the catalyst for another large jump in money coming in. I got my total web design and development investment back in two months. The rest has been pure profit.

Hopefully now I’ve dipped a toe in to outsourcing once more I can use the momentum to keep on going. I’m still not sure what direction the blog will take but it’s always done me so much good writing my thoughts down and opening conversations with other affiliates, or beginners. I never tried to monetise this blog before, because I always felt it more than paid me in knowledge and contacts.

Next Steps

I’m going to buzz through all the old posts, and put back up anything that is still relevant or I feel should be kept for posterity.

Anyhow, here’s a before and after pictures of new house stage one and two. Speak soon chaps x

A Few Months Later…