About Me


My name is Kirsty McCubbin, and I’ve been a full time affiliate marketer for 16 years. I can only compare this job to a lottery win. In that time, I’ve travelled round the world, moved from the UK to Australia, spent 8 beautiful years in the lucky country, then moved back to the UK with the husband and two children I collected along the way.

These days, I live and work in rural Wigtownshire. I do not hustle. I make a pretty good living. I get 8 hours sleep every night. I put the wellbeing of my family before everything else. My work day ends when the kids trip in the door from school. Our time together during these precious years is the most important thing I will ever do.

There is more than one definition of wealth in life. I feel so sad for the 4 hours sleep a night crew and their definitions of success. They’re looking the wrong way. The next most important thing in my life after home and family is coffee. Somehow, one causes the need for the other 😉

I love my life. I love my coffee. Latte Art by me.