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Who Said My Days Of Travel Were Over?

Not me! I often lament the necessity for self restraint on the travel front. Not only is travel with kids SO much more complex than the sort of adventure Duncan and I used to depart on at the drop of a hat, but their school tends to get a bit antsy if you go on holiday all the time instead of sending them in.

But We’re Leaving… On A Jet Plane!

Actually, it’s going to be Ryanair so it may not strictly be an actual plane. Knowing my luck, I’ll have forgotten to buy the optional extra family pressurised cabin pass. We’re off to Catalonia for the next 3.5 weeks first thing tomorrow morning. This isn’t the first time since the kids arrived we’ve had an adventure, we went to visit my lovely friend out in Kenya a couple years ago. The highlight of that trip was taking them for a close up encounter with Sudan. The last Male Northern White Rhino on the planet.

The last male Northern White Rhino in the world, Sudan. Very special opportunity to meet him. He’s since sadly passed away. As you can tell from our presence in his enclosure – he couldn’t really stand up very well, and he couldn’t see us either.
Obligatory Equator photo opportunity!
This is what happens when you get a flat… in a place where lions live. Not so much “hold my beer” as “hold my extensive collection of weapons”. I was bravely hiding in our car with the kids.

It was on this trip it became apparent our kids really don’t get along that well on such adventures. It was a great experience for them, but not one we will repeat until they are much older.

Taking Another Try At Travel

After we got home from Kenya we bought a house, and it’s taken us this long to get back around to another trip that really helps us feel the fine breeze of affiliate freedom. 3.5 weeks in Spain should be pretty cruisy, and a great low stress opportunity to see what does and does not work for our mini affiliates these days.

I’ll pop a couple posts up while we are away hopefully. I’ve a few half written drafts, so with no actual work routine I might manage to pad them out a bit more.

Wish Us Luck Tomorrow

I’m a bit nervous truth be told. When we flew out to Kenya my youngest daughter nearly got us thrown off the plane for her strong objection to seatbelts. Duncs and I virtually had to sit on her during take off. This was a fair bit louder than the noise a plane makes when hurling itself into the sky as it transpired. The other passengers were fortunately very kind about it. They all seemed to accept my apologies. One of them hugged me and advised wine should be taken. Bless her. On the way home, I hid a full kilo of Haribo about my person and handed them to her when the seatbelt sign came on. Top flying tip from Mummy of the year right there 😉

She has promised faithfully that seatbelts will be worn without question this time.

I’ll let you guys know. Or… perhaps we’ll be on the news tomorrow night. Fingers crossed chaps!

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