My Life As An Affiliate

Easter Fun with the Family

Bit of a blogging hiatus! I’m just back into the office after a 2.5 week break over Easter. I’ve long since given up trying to work during school holidays, and we booked a last minute cheapie for the first week just so we could get away for a change of scene.

One of the few downsides of the work at home lifestyle for me is that because my home is my office, it’s important to make the effort to get out for a change of scene during down time. I’ve found if I don’t, it can really affect my mood and mental wellbeing.

So we popped off to the Trossachs and enjoyed a blissful chilled week in a lodge straight outta the 80s. To my children’s horror, the wifi was also authentically 80s in that it was completely absent. But they soon adjusted and enjoyed playing outdoors and some family time.

Refreshed and Ready to Go Again!

I tend to get very bogged down by the slog of affiliate marketing. I love my work, but there’s a lot you have to do to stay competitive and keep the revenue flowing that fairly has your brains flowing out of your ears. As a PPC affiliate I spend way too much time bogged down in spreadsheets and fiddling about with ad accounts. If I don’t take breaks my productivity takes a dive. I am incredibly easily distracted and have to fight against my brain going “ooh look, a squirrel!!”. Just the task of staying focused on throwing out a days work is exhausting for me. These breaks are essential, although I often find them difficult to take if my productivity has already started to slip, as I give myself the most tremendous hard time when I don’t think I do enough.

Restoring Attention

As an aside, I’m fairly sure I have some kind of attention disorder. I was that “daydreaming” kid in class at school. My school reports are all total horror stories. I was unable to learn how to tell the time, or tie my own shoelaces (that’s made me laugh writing that as I still have to tie them like a kid would!). I remember when I gained entry to uni. A classmate of mine was the son of one of my primary teachers. He gleefully let me know just what a pathetic case she thought I was, and that she was shocked I’d achieved a uni place. I can’t even begin to describe my smug levels when I think of her 😉

But in typical style, I digress. I feel it’s important to know when you need a break, and thankfully affiliate marketing pays me to do it. That’s a huge luxury, and it’s worth fighting hard to maintain.

Right, onwards and forwards. I’ll be updating my 4 hours a week PPC challenge in the next day or so. I’ve kept a note of what happened on a weekly basis and have been back working at it this week. It’s all progressing nicely, and I am surprised at how much I’m enjoying doing it. Onwards and forwards!!

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