Jump Starting Momentum

Disengagement. It’s a bit of an issue for me, and I’m sure I’m 100% not alone there. We all have times where we just “can’t even”. My ability to engage enthusiastically with all the things that have been exciting me so much recently evaporated around this time last week. It’s like a bit of your brain suddenly getting reposessed by the HMRC for non payment of creative VAT. Yesterday as an example, Duncan finally completed a little web project for me. I’ve fairly been widdling myself in anticipation over it for months. Finally I can get stuck in to promoting it!!


Balls. Hello? Is this thing on? I appear to be malfunctioning. It’s not just work, it’s everything. Can’t be bothered. Before we go further, I must just mention this little bout is caused by hayfever. Its making me incredibly tired, and the medication for it just seems to make me more tired, albeit without itchy eyes. Lets take a moment to think about unintended consequences of moving to a gorgeous rural idyll. The quiet will help me concentrate she said. Trees are lovely (their pollen is not!).

Preventing a Spiral of Inactivity

To try and re-engage my enthusiasm chip, I got up on Saturday morning and resolved to spend the weekend doing things that had been on my personal “to do” list for a while, and more importantly things I could do without the enthusiasm bit of my brain being available to me.

Cooking My Way Back To Wakefulness

So, I make a strong correlation in my head between affiliate marketing and batch cooking. No, bear with me I’ve not lost my mind honestly! Affiliate marketing is a highly scalable, time efficient way to make money. Batch cooking is a highly scalable, time efficient way to save money.

On Saturday I spent 2.5 hours cooking 14 family meals worth of Chilli Con Carne. Sunday, I made up 7 lots of cauli and brocolli cheese for our weekly family roast. Then I indulged my favourite pastime, and worked out my “profit” margins.

  • 12 weekday hours of cooking to be replaced with an extra hour in the office. Less slog, more earning time. Profit – 9.5 hours.
  • Ingredient cost for chilli – £18.50. Cost per meal £1.32. Based on average “pre-made” meal items for 4 price of £5, Profit – £51.52
  • I’m not calculating monetary profit on the cauli cheese, but it took me 1.5 hours to make it all. Profit LOTS OF YUMMINESS, because who can be bothered doing that every Sunday along with all the other roast type accoutrements? (my version is a total gutbuster with huge chunks of leeks and a ton of blue cheese).

If you think I’ve calculated all this for blogging purposes. That’d be a no. This is simply how I live my life. There’s a profit margin in most things for me. My kids are probably the noteable exception to my endless brain which has to work out the net benefit or profit margin on everything. They’re filed under “pure love” and sometimes “agggghh!” in my personal ledger.

On Monday when I returned to work, I had a bit of a patchy day. In the end, I finished up early and sorted out another personal project that I’d been trying to get started for months.

Charity shop find, and some old broken pottery my Dad dug up turned into a planter for my front doorstep. I can’t tell you how tremendous it felt to get this finally started. Still needs a few plants but it’ll be easy to finish now.

The Point Of This Is…

When I’m struggling, I use this sort of thing as a reconnect to productivity. It’s a mindless and manual way to connect with my passion for scalability and creativity. As a secondary thing, we all start to get bogged down when we feel like we are failing. By getting on and “doing” rather than slumping into a doldrum of “I can’t” I jump start my own productivity.

Will This Help You?

I hope so! Affiliate Marketing can be a slog, and I think it’s important for anyone intending on being involved with it to find their own little ways to get themselves going again when things fall over. Did it help me? Yeah, I’m still exhausted with hayfever today, but by just keeping on and making myself “do” I’ve found that my brain has (eventually) learned to deal with the tiredness and can get on with the skills to pay the bills again.