4 Hour A Week Challenge

My 4 Hours Work Per Week Challenge WK3

Week 3 of my PPC challenge, I thought I’d keep a little day to day note of how I felt about things every day. Just for a bit of insight into the self doubt!

Day 1 – Started off the week feeling disheartened after a weekend of zero sales! Shattered, kids awful. But nevertheless I cranked out two new mini campaigns and did not enjoy it at all. The campaigns get a few clicks immediately. I go to bed feeling quite excited. I’m sure there’ll be a sale from somewhere in the morning

Day 2 – Still no new sales. God I suck, I really don’t know what the point of this is. Why are there no conversions? Really disheartened. I log into Facebook to distract myself from my feelings of impending failure. Everyone’s just been paid FFS. What’s the issue here!! But I’ve been here before. I get disheartened and stop the project. Two months later, everything’s working marvellous and I SHOULD NOT HAVE STOPPED. With great reluctance, I get my hour done and pop up 5 new adgroups.

Day 3 – sigh. Not a new penny. Also, discovered I’d stuffed up and left the “search partners” option activated on Bing. No wonder my click levels have been fluctuating madly. Now resolved. However, It did make me realise I’ve added a lotta adgroups since the start of my project. I’m up to over 120 now. I’ve popped up another 5 adgroups today to add into the campaign I did yesterday.

Day 4 – Small commission made, One new campaign set up. I only managed one Adgroup due to the time it took me to find the appropriate test areas to start off in. The merchant site I chose wasn’t in one of my “preferred” niche areas so I had to cope with a little bit of unfamiliarity.

Week 3 Results

Total Clicks: 111

Total Cost £15.97

Total Revenue £12.80

Loss: £3.17

Cumulative Results

Total Clicks: 238

Total Revenue: £31.91

Total Loss: £3.54

The Swear Jar is Rammed To Bursting

This right here is the point at which this sort of promotion drives you freaking batty! All the revenues over the three weeks have come from different places. What performed in Week 1 has died in week 2 & 3, or the traffic has vanished. Some of the new things I’ve added which make up the extra traffic have volume but have done nothing. I’ve been doing a lot of silent swearing under my breath this week as I check my stats, and really feel a bit disheartened. I’ve only spent £3.54 on all this though and I’ve gained 238 data gathering opportunities on the click front. I can’t see any reason to not just keep pushing on.

Giving My Work Time To Succeed

A lot of what these campaigns need is simply time. Bing in particular takes weeks for PPC to bed in. I’m also only using phrase and exact match for my little experiment as I mentioned in week 1. That does mean volume will fluctuate, as I have found you do need to venture into broad match with modifiers to really get the old Bing volume flowing. However, I’m not doing that until I can see who is converting as it’s fairly labour intensive to manage that traffic stream initially.

What I’m Doing in Wk 4

I said that in week 3 I’d be honing things, I didn’t do that. I added a new merchant every day because I remembered I am going on holiday this coming week. I won’t add in new things on holiday, and I won’t be doing my hour a day challenge in it’s full form. My kids will be in a log cabin with me, and I am incapable of concentrating on being creative around them. Also, they should get to enjoy a bit of Mum time without the “Shh. Working!” thing happening. I will spend time doing bid management and negatives though, when my darlings go to sleep.

Wow, Affiliate Marketing Takes Time!

That’s right Susan. Remember that the next time you see an infallable making money product online 😉

My Life As An Affiliate

So This Happened.

Quiet round here again, I do think about blogging a lot but the ideas don’t make it into print often.

In my defense I had a “bit of a do” back in June when I had to sadly evict my tenants from my old flat due to the fact they thought it was entirely reasonable never to clean, and that their children were entitled to use every wall and door in the place as an artistic project with the old felt tips and crayons. Oh, and they thought it’d be just *lovely* if they got the kids a wee dog.

Duncan and I decided to take care of the refurbishment ourselves. So we just casually drove up to Stirling (3 times) and gutted out an entire flat whilst my Mother (who has now stopped answering the phone to me) looked after our children for two or three days at a time. We saved ourselves around £3,000 doing that, and also got a much better result on the finish and quality of the work. This is one of the fabulous things about affiliate marketing. We were able to take care of the refurb, and still earn money. Just for scenic value, here’s the view from my old flat. So much love for this sight.

At The Same Time…

Things kind of went a bit mad with my affiliate business. I don’t think I have the words to describe what happened next, but I was pretty immersed for a while there. I wanted to come on here and share with you guys, I really did. But I was mainly feverishly working, and in somewhat of a state of disbelief.

Because This.

Of all the people this could have happened to… I’m not going to lie – I really wanted it to be me.

So when I wasn’t scraping old chip fat off the shattered remnants of my former home, I was battling to keep up with what I had to do to make sure that curve kept heading in the right direction and that none of my spends got out of control.

The Secret To My Success…

Yeah, I’d love to be introducing you to my brand new and foolproof e-book about how to make your fortune. However, about all I can say is that this is 50% pre-existing project that I’ve managed to analyse and optimise this year, combined with the merchant having improved their on site experience, and 50% a new PPC project someone gave me a heads up on. To my very great surprise it wasn’t the couple of hundred quid a month I thought.

Will it last? No it will not. The line up there isn’t going to be some infinite climb. That right there is a peak. The peak of my freaking life, and more money than I’ve ever made in a month EVER.

Was it joyful? No. I was so stressed I couldn’t sleep. I spent a lot of late nights refining PPC campaigns and honing things to maintain my earnings. Still a good problem to have I must quietly confess. Unfortunately I went on holiday in our Caravan in early July (see even further upward insanity on graph) and I was forced to buy a large data bundle and work quite a lot during what should have been quality time with my kids. So to anyone who heard “Mummy is so sorry kids, but I need you to give me time to work just a little longer” from a caravan in Yorkshire. That was me being a really shit mum, and a really shit-hot affiliate.

I’ll Try, I Really Will

Affiliate marketing isn’t something you can repackage and sell, so my ebook has to wait. However, I do promise that once I have “calmed the f**k down” I will spend a bit of time trying to work out how I can put helpful things on this blog. Because my apparent coyness annoys even me. Truly 😉

OK, I thought of one. If you made it this far… more than half of this money came from Bing PPC. I’ll just leave that there.