4 Hour A Week Challenge

My 4 Hours Affiliate Work a Week Challenge

Like all good internet challenges this one sounds a little familiar. But we’re not aiming for the giddy heights of Tim Ferris here. I want to showcase something a little more relateable and achievable.

I’ve been having conversations with people struggling to get traction within the affiliate space recently. The “Affiliate Dream” is a telling phrase. It’s way too easy to spend a LOT of time planning and researching a project that quickly becomes so overwhelming you don’t know where or how to start.

With that in mind, I thought I’d set myself a “consistency challenge” using an amount of time every week that’s achievable for just about anyone, and share the results here.

Demonstrating The Uncomplicated Power Of Affiliate Marketing

What I am hoping to demonstrate is twofold. Firstly, the true power of affiliate marketing. You work an hour like any other job, but that hour doesn’t get you a wage only once. You’ve just sent an hour of your life out into the virtual world of work. That hour is now going to work for you 24 hours a day, and it’s sending all it’s wages back home.

Secondly, you don’t need a large, complex plan. Get in there and get a start on the quick wins, then you can go back later and add the fancy touches and details you’ve been spending your time dreaming up.

Without further wordy-ness, here’s my plan!

I’m Going To Spend 1 Hour Each Day Of My Working Week Doing Direct To Merchant PPC on BING And Here’s The Kick Ass Result I Want To Achieve…

Will it be a sun kissed mansion? Oh! A massive big Audi to zoom around in on the school run? Making like Shoemoney with the cheques that make you weak at the knees? Heck nope.I’m going to pay my council tax baby!

The Aim: £211profit per month

Why have I chosen this? Because it’s far more relateable than those (admittedly exhilitrating) pictures of people like Jeremy with those huuuge cheques. Guess what though? It’s still a life changing sum of money. No more Council Tax. An extra £211 a month I can pay towards my mortgage, or use towards a nice family holiday.

The Rules

Rules are important, so here’s mine.

  • My 1 hour a day does not include research time to find merchants who allow use of the display URL. I make a point of trawling around networks every now and again “just because” and anything I find when doing so goes on the whiteboard.
  • No broad match allowed. This isn’t actually a rule, I’m putting this here for the benefit of any unwary souls who read this, then decide to have a crack at Bing PPC for the first time. DO NOT BROAD MATCH TILL YOU SKILL UP A BIT. There. You have been warned, don’t say you weren’t. No apologies for shouty all caps 😉
  • I’m going to post a weekly update on progress with what I’ve done, and what it’s achieved each week. I won’t be posting specifics like merchant names and search terms. That’d be counter productive as I am sure you will agree. I’ve created a specific category for this challenge, and will do an update every Friday.

Anyone Care To Join?

Anyone want to join in for accountability? Post in the comments and perhaps we can set something up here on the blog.

Do bear in mind, it doesn’t have to be a financial challenge you set yourself. I’ve gone with a money based goal because I have a method to do it. If you’ve always meant to start that site, set yourself the challenge of throwing up any old blog skin without getting bogged in design and SEO, and get 3 posts a week into it. Just do something. Then watch it grow. The rest can be taken care of down the track.

Don’t dream. Do it. 🙂

6 replies on “My 4 Hours Affiliate Work a Week Challenge”

Hi Kirsty, I really want to do this challenge with you, can you be a bit more specific on how to get started I would really appreciate it?

Hey Lisa, thanks for commenting! I must apologise, I’ve not worded my “please join me” very well! My hope is that people will set their own personal challenge with something they’ve maybe wanted to do for a while, but keep getting bogged down with. It would be great for people to share progress / ideas. So is there a project you already have started and left? Is there something you’d like to do? In that case, it’d be great if you’d decide what you can do in whatever time per week you think is achieveable, then make yourself accountable here.

Ok… I’ll join.
Not because I want the money (ok, lie number one) but more that I like a challenge and I’ve always worked on organic traffic and never really looked at PPC, especially not direct to merchant.
So a couple of questions – why bing and not Google?
And, to check my understanding, you are paying for adds for a specific search term that links directly to the merchant instead of you site?
Off to find some willing merchants…

Hi Tom, thanks for the comment! Actually, perhaps I didn’t really word the invite so well. I should have titled it “Want to Set Your Own Challenge??”. If you’ve never done PPC, but you do organic traffic and have been procrastinating on doing that – I’d like to see you set a challenge of your own. Something you already know will benefit you and carry you forward. Other than that, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this out on Adwords. I just don’t want to!

Yes, you pay for ads and link to the merchant. It’s quite difficult to find people prepared to allow this activity, but they are around.

Hi Kirsty, this should be a good read.

Hopefully I can use this as motivation to spend 1 hour a day on my blog, or maybe uploading designs to Merch by Amazon, or maybe doing matched betting…or maybe just picking one thing and doing something with it!

I know you weren’t recommending we all start doing PPC but do you know of any good resources for learning to do what you’re doing?


Hey Joe, ahhh I saw you pop up as a Twitter follower earlier! I’d love it if you would set something that you have already planned to do, or something you are procrastinating over and then sharing how you went with it. That’s what I’m doing, as obviously I know how the PPC game works and am comfortable with it. Good question on resources. I will have a bit of a trawl around – however I don’t think it’s spoken about much. I might do a bit of writing about it in the coming months, but I’ve a lot to get set back up with this blog and don’t want to bite off more than I can chew early days. It would possibly be fairly involved, and at least some of it would link back into old guides I’ve written that are now offline. Keyword research techniques being one of them!

Anyhow, what I hope to explore here is the power of a small investment of time in just “doing it” – I’ll need to re-write my end bit. I think I was too focused on getting this kicked off, and I don’t usually get any comments. Clearly people are reading still though which is wonderful!

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