4 Hour A Week Challenge

My 4 Hours Affiliate Work Per Week – WK1 & Wk2

Adhering to my own “just do it!” principles has meant I just got started on my PPC project without laboriously setting up the required post, plus blog section. For the sake of accountability I’ll just pop a couple of headlines on what I achieved in week one and week two here.

Hoping to add some nice graphs etc as I go, but I’ll update the post with that once I’ve worked out how to do it.

Week 1 Results

In week 1 I had a total stinking cold, so I threw up 4 little tests for 4 merchants. Bing takes a while to really yeild in terms of traffic potential, so I knew it was important to just get something up there and starting to work. I’ll probably add more details in future about how many keywords and adgroups I’ve put up to achieve my results, but I didn’t record it during week 1.

Total Clicks: 78

Total Cost: £11.92

Total Revenue: £7

Loss: £4.92

T hat’s not at all bad for the first few days of a trial as cookies get bedded in.

Week 2 Results

Total Clicks: 46

Total Cost: £7.56

Total Revenue: £12.11

Profit: £4.92

Cumulative Total: 37p loss

This week I added an additional 6 merchants, bringing me up to 10. This hasn’t resulted in a traffic increase immediately, but it will bed in over a few days and product more. There’s less clicks this week, but these fluctuations are not unusual particularly given the small number of keywords and adgroups I’m working with.

Good Start!

I’m off to a pleasing start here. I’m just about breaking even, and the revenue I’ve had has come from 4 of the 10 merchants. I can see where the initial revenue is lying, and I can also see a couple of product groupings that are generating quite a few of these clicks and not a lot of the sales.

What I’ll do in Week 3

In week 3, I will monitor to see which merchants and terms aren’t bearing revenue. I won’t necessarily switch anything off, as its important to give a good test in a representative spread of their product. I will reduce CPC through some basic ad improvements and keyword refinements. I will also add some new merchants to keep the testing fresh.

Don’t forget, you are welcome to join in and set your own challenges and these don’t necessarily have to be about money as I mentioned in my introductory post.

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