Celebrating International Women’s Day

I don’t work on Fridays. My celebrations so far have amounted to visiting the garden centre for a plant pot, doing a school uniform laundry, mopping some floors, and scrubbing out the kitty poo pans. I know, right? How am I not on the telly with this stuff??

In The Spirit Of Participation However…

This morning I asked my 5 year old daughter what she wants to do when she is older. She said:

“I want to be a Mummy when I grow up. How many sleeps is it till I can be a Mumma??”

Miss C – 8th March 2019

That got me right in the feels.

I told her that she shouldn’t rush to grow up, and to enjoy being looked after by *her* Mumma for as long as she could.

Right now, she can have fun in that completely unselfconscious way only kids can achieve. No worry about the state of the world, politics, bills, or the expectations of others. It’s a special time in your life when you will happily step out in orange trousers, a pink tutu, plus kitty ears and await adoration for your fashion sense. Stares?! Pah! My public loves me.

I’m so fiercely grateful that my work in Affiliate Marketing allows me to spend as much of this precious carefree time in her life as I want. I also think it’s quietly adorable that both her and her elder sister thought mysterious people were paying me to do just that – be a Mummy. They quietly proffered the opinion that I stay at home all day and don’t appear to do all that much. I soon disabused them of that notion. Sisters are, after all, doing it for themselves. Now they think a magic man in my computer sends me free money.

Affiliate Women on International Women’s Day

If you’d like to reflect on Women in Affiliate Marketing today, I do highly recommend you read Geno Prussakov’s blog piece:- Celebrating Women in Affiliate Marketing – published today in celebration of us webby gals. I just so happen to be included amongst the throng, and really enjoyed writing my contribution. After such a break from being “visible” I was also flattered into a near catatonic state when he contacted me about it. Some great words from talented ladies in many different areas of the affiliate industry, and a huge inspiration to read all the other answers.

Happy International Women’s Day to all of us.*

*19th of November in case you are thinking of being provocative enough to ask 😉

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