Make Money The Marie Kondo Way!

Last week I was wresting with a long standing problem. I needed a minor Woocommerce alteration to progress a project. Duncan and I had struggled with it for months, and kept losing the thread of the project when other things got busy. The frustration was starting to become overwhelming.

Having recently found a developer who is doing some incredibly clever things with a PHP site of mine I hoped he was going to make my life easy. So I emailed him and asked if he could help a girl out. He said. “I could do it, but I’m stacked out, I’ll pass.” Denied! All the pain. We had a call later that day and he said,

“I can do WordPress. I don’t like it. It just doesn’t bring me joy, and I’m trying to say yes, less”

Two things here. First, I definitely worked out what his new years resolution had been this year. Secondly, his reply really did bring me a lot of joy, I laughed my head off because I realised I’d been Marie Kondo’d. I thought it was perfect he’d taken her decluttering priciples into his working life. He was so right.

Does This Bring Me Joy?

Well, does it? That’s what anyone aspiring to make money from their own ideas need to be asking themselves.

Many people embark on an affiliate project full of excitement about the money that can be made. That right there is the fatal mistake. They get excited about money, and then pick a project based around that. But really you should be making like Marie when you are deciding on how you’ll make that income. Ask yourself “What do I find Joy in?”

Find something that’ll bring you joy along the journey, not just when you achieve the object of your desire. If you don’t consider this, you’ll probably get bogged down in the clutter of boredom at what you’re doing. That’s because you need to put in a LOT of hard work on making money online before you start to see results. You’d better be putting the hard yards in on something that was already bringing you joy, because boy will you need that enthusiasm.

The Close Relationship Between Joy & Money

I have always written this blog because it brought me joy simply from having a conversation with people who shared my passion at any level. I have never made any effort to monetise it. Have I made money from it? You bet I have. Not directly, but from the friendships I’ve made, and from the pure “getting things straight in my head” benefit of writing down my thoughts to share with others. There has been a definite return on that investment of sharing my joy.

I also find joy in looking at traffic growing, seeing the data start to flow in, and then learning new things about how I can play around with landing pages, site speed, SEO, PPC, and… ad infinitum. The whole business of running a website is like one giant mind bending crossword puzzle. You need to enjoy nutting it all out, getting frustrated, putting in some wrong answers, before finally getting to those moments where you think “I’ve cracked this”.

Don’t Think There’s Money in Sharing Your Passion?

Take a look at what Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch have achieved. From the joy of cleaning and decluttering. Don’t think you have a money making idea? Maybe it doesn’t matter these days. There’s a good reason “influencer marketing” is such a buzzword these days. Sometimes letting your joy lead the way without really knowing where it’ll take you will pay dividends. Or maybe you can find that audience first, and look at how you can get paid to share the joy later.

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